Sarah Cusey’s work has always focused on storytelling, specifically the telling of women’s stories. Through a variety of media, Sarah seeks to highlight the unique struggles and triumphs of those who identify as female. Sarah draws inspiration from the natural world, especially local flora. She employs lines, shapes, colors and textures found in nature to give voice to the feminine experience.
In her most recent work, Sarah delves into her own story. Sarah came of age in a severely rigid, religious culture, where the male voice was king. In response, Sarah notices and calls attention to the She that is present in nature, in the Divine, in everyday human experiences and in herself. Sarah strives to create her own definitions of strength, beauty, power, confidence and womanhood through her work.
Sarah lives in San Diego and exhibits her artwork throughout the County. She teaches residencies, workshops and camps for youth, adults and families through ArtReach, Arts for Learning San Diego and San Diego Museum of Art.

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